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    Shop LoveBrownSugar is a curated lifestyle shop of discovery featuring creatives of color. There’s one thing I’ve always been good at, and that’s storytelling. As a child, I competed in these citywide storytelling contests. Imagine a bubbly 6 year old girl with big brown eyes, two afro puffs high up on each side of her head, standing at the front of a room with a bright smile and a story to tell. I’d memorize short stories by heart and retell them with animation and excitement to a massive audience. Stories of kings and queens in foreign lands. I won medals. I made people smile. Well, your inner child never dies. Decades later, and I’m still telling stories.

    Only now I get to tell the stories of the kings and queens I'm inspired by. Creatives of color with undeniable talents who have birthed brands that break the mold and make a difference. I use my voice as a digital influencer to empower and inspire with my platforms. It all started with my blog LoveBrownSugar. Now I have BabyBrownSugar and BrownGirlsLove as well. Shop LoveBrownSugar is my newest passion project. It’s a collection of my favorite things. It’s everything I love. Welcome to my home. I hope it's everything you love too.

    - Head Curator, Christina S. Brown